Tuskin Properties began by providing management and development services to some of the largest institutional investors in Southern California.  Through strong local presence and reputation, we have also been fortunate enough to work with many individual investors and small partnerships, as well.  Since 2003, Tuskin Properties has been committed to providing quality, integrity and solid results to each and every endeavor we have taken on.  That commitment to excellence, along with an acute understanding of the real estate industry as a whole, has instilled a trust among our clients and partners that continues to provide new opportunities for the company, as well as opening up new avenues for success through referrals and recommendations.  We are excited to share our unique recipe, and are currently seeking investors who are interested in Multifamily real estate as a means for excellent returns through a company whose track record speaks for itself.  Please click the link below to download our Investment Prospectus.

Creating value in

real estate since 2003